Jenny Simons

Lovely blonde Czech pornstar escort


Jenny Simons is a vivacious blue eyed blond from Prague. At 5 8’, she is taller than most ladies and has legs that go on for days. She is bilingual and fluent in German and English. She has a wonderful body with beautiful curves, a lovely natural bust and is a classical European beauty. As a pornstar escort you know you can expect the very best when it comes to romance and intimacy. She is wild, very open minded, liberal and will enjoy your kinky and freaky side. So if you have a wild side which you want to explore with someone like minded, Jenny Simons is the perfect escort for you. She loves to travel and is open to travel anywhere in the world with you and accompany you on your travels for a truly wonderful trip. She is always willing to please and pride herself on her appearance. She is a great fun and will have you coming back for more!

My Details

Mid 20's
Hair color
Eye color
B cup, natural
173 cm (5'8")
56 kg (123 lbs)
English, German
Home town

My Rates

1 hour
350 EUR
9500 CZK
420 USD
320 GBP
2 hours
450 EUR
12200 CZK
540 USD
410 GBP
3 hours
550 EUR
14900 CZK
650 USD
510 GBP
4 hours
650 EUR
17600 CZK
770 USD
600 GBP
5 hours
750 EUR
20300 CZK
890 USD
690 GBP
6 hours
800 EUR
21600 CZK
950 USD
740 GBP
12 hours
1200 EUR
32400 CZK
1430 USD
1100 GBP
24 hours
1700 EUR
45900 CZK
2020 USD
1560 GBP
48 hours
2200 EUR
59400 CZK
2620 USD
2020 GBP
Additional day
600 EUR
16200 CZK
710 USD
550 GBP
Rates for other hours by request.

Travel expenses will be calculated individually.

Info / Disclaimer

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My Reviews

Average: based on 10 reviews
Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
15 October 2017, 3 hours  in Prague

Well what can i say, best thing i have done in a long time. She is down to earth, a honest girl with no arrogance about how she looks witch in my opinion is not a 10/10 in looks/service and communication. But a 11/10 in person. She is a really nice girl that it is a pleasure to be with, not only in bed but also to talk with. Only regret i have is that i didn't book her for a longer time. She is like the others says the whole package, so treat her well guy's. I really hope i can see her again soon.

As for Eva in the agency, thanks for the help in the reservation on the shot noticed.

Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
13 February 2017, 3 hours in Grand Mark, Prague

Well Jenny is fantastic - a sensual, smiling, sweet endearing and charming good-looking girl to talk to and to drink a glass together. In bed you can add - an out of this world sexy face and mouth, passion and sexual skills. No wonder if one feels the urge to see her again. I definitely do. I would soon be a poor man, if she lived in Copenhagen :-)
Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
2 December 2016, 2 hours in Prague

She is truly the hole package, smart, fun, sexy, kind, and wild. She is a true mistress. Her natural beauty is superb. And her wits and charms are out of this world, i like her so much, that i book a second date the day after immediately. And in the second date, i think i had the same or more fun thant the first time. I really recommend Jenny for anything. Definitly a perfect 10.
Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
16 November 2016, 24 hours in Paris

Not enough reviews for Jenny !!! Because she's beautiful, smart and happy smiling person. Thanks to her for this delighted moment...We were so closed that I caught her cold.
Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
27 November 2015, 2 Hrs in Prague

As would be pretty normal I guess - I was a little nervous. All arrangements were made within the last few days whilst I was in a Prague Hotel, via her agent who gave me excellent communication via a few in-exchange constant emails. Once all sorted I waited for Jenny at the base of the lift. She arrived on time and my jaw hit the ground in dis-belief. She looked amazing in her casual but very smart, tight jeans and top/jacket. I found she was so down-to-earth and extremely easy to get on with from the first minute - like we met before as friends in a shop or on the street!Without all the particular detail's (u will find out yourself), after the "admin work", I had the most fun,exciting and sexual 2 hrs of my life!!! Everything was expected and very surreal in a way...I kept thinking that this is the pornstar that I've watched many,many times wishing the pornstar(s) with her was me! was me with! Unbelievable, thoroughly enjoyable from the first minute to the last. Where did the time go...I so much didn't want it to end.Extremely highly recommended ----- Jenny is not to be missed ----- Jenny will blow you away and leave you with a memory that will always last forever!Until next time, Mike from UK...(u know me who showed u some of my fav clips on laptop?)
Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
15 July 2016, 48 hours in Milan

Here we go with my second date with lovely Jenny. Even better than our first meeting, simply awesome social time with plenty of fun also! A full immersion in an extraordinary erotic experience that will be impossible impossible to forget. Thanks again to the highly professional Eva for her precious support in organizing the date...until next time!
Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
21 April 2016, 48 hours in Milan

I mat wonderful Jenny after being a dedicate fan of her modelling and acting works for a very long time and I found her simply awesome, better than I could even imagine. A real beauty, adorable and playful in social time with a full immersion girlfriend experience during sightseeing and shopping tours of the City.... simply unforgettable experience, she was really explosive in more intimate moments. An adorable girl for a 100% satisfying full immersion in passion. A special mention for the excellent Agency work in the person of Eva, highly professional and supportive in every aspect of the booking process. I am simply looking forward for my next date with my lovely Jenny ;)
Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
15 April 2016, 4 hours in Prague

Jenny and her friend Walleria were absolutely amazing... the true essence of feeling free, happy and sexual, everything flowing like sweet dreams through the rivers of Eden. I cannot recommend them enough. Wonderful.
Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
15 April 2016, 2 hours in Prague

She is as beautiful as in her pictures. Very nice and easygoing person. I was tired and nervous when we met and she gave me comfort, good night's sleep and much much more. Only problem with her is that you could easily fall in love with her.
Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
2 April 2016, 2 hours in Prague

My first impression was...DAMN! Extremely gorgeous girl. From my point of view she's more attractive than her pictures... much more. Second thought was that she might be a tiny bit arrogante due to her looks, but I was way off on that as well. What you will encounter is a sweet girl who is down to earth, likes to talk and connects with you. As far as in the bed, one word, Awesome, hands down, bravo!!! I was with her 2 hours but way to little time to enjoy her company.

As for the agency, they were very helpful in making the reservation and meeting Jenny.

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