Kamilla Jansen

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My Details

Late 20's
E. European
Hair color
Eye color
B cup, natural
172 cm (5'7")
54 kg (119 lbs)
English, Czech
Home town

My Reviews

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Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
28 October 2017, 3 hours in Prague

A beautiful, sensitive, innocent and intelligent lady. Difficult to forget her
Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
8 September 2017, 2 hours in Prague

Wow!! What a nice young lady. She is not only beautiful with a superb body, a smooth skin like silk (in my opinion she looks even better in reality than the pictures suggest), but also with a very nice personality. At the beginning Kamilla was a bit shy and nervous, but so was I. After a nice talk we both eased up, and... (well, I'll not share all the secrets ;-).

She doesn't like all kind of services, but this is by far compensated by the passion Kamilla comes up with. It is real passion she is enjoying. Very rare diamond. Treat her well !!!

Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
6 August 2017, 2 hours in Prague

An absolute goddess, Kamilla was friendly and spoke excellent English. From when we first met, she was relaxed and quite forthcoming when talking about herself. The experience flowed smoothly throughout our time together, during which she gave off a beautiful aura of genuineness and excitement. An absolute dime with the skills to match, I will remember my time with Kamilla fondly, and recommend her to anyone who is looking for the real experience and willing to treat her like the angel she is.
Looks:  9 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  9 out of 10
29 July 2017, 5 hours in Prague

Kamilla was really overwhelming and a great choice, in the begin a little bit shy and cautious what I like when you have not done it many times before she got more and more open from minute to minute. After she felt well she was really exploding what I did not expected and gives you all her energy in sensitivness, empathy and enormous passion back. Treat her very carefully and respectfully as she deserves it and you get a real bombshell back

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