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    Abu Dhabi is the capital and also the headquarters of the United Arab Emirates. It is a top destination for business people and investors across the globe as well as also a diplomatic center where many Middle East leaders meet. Being one of the modern cities in the world where Skyscrapers are common and are in abundance, there is a lot to explore and experience while touring Abu Dhabi. The city is an oil founded state where it is the home of many oil rich tycoons and also headquarters many international oil companies. The entire emirate has about 420,000 citizens which makes their net worth to stand at $17 Million. This average net worth is so high and makes this place among the richest places on earth.  Life in Abu Dhabi is not cheap but a paradise on earth where people get to have the best times in the beaches, the seven star hotels, restaurants, man made islands and every other fun activity that one could ever think of.

    In the past, Abu Dhabi used to be a strict state with lots of laws that mostly did not favor tourists and guests to the region. Some of the laws which included ban of Alcohol and even the sale of land were not allowed. However, that was before Sheikh Khalifa took over the leadership from his father after he passed away. Homosexuality is however one of the bans that have still been held on strongly and has heavy penalties. With the changes that have become so favorable to the investors and tourists, Abu Dhabi has become a major target for the real estate investors and tourists. Among other things that boosts tourism is the structural man made islands that have been well designed for limitless fun. Investors also have a chance to invest in these islands as there are no restrictions on the sale of land.

    Events are also among the major things that contribute to the growth in the region. Grand prix circuit for example is one of the global events that Abu Dhabi has recently started focusing on. The pressure is on from investors who are still working to put up more race tracks for grand prix racing. There is no doubt that the rate at which the city is growing at will soon be among the world’s top. The islands made have also become part of the grind making it a unique one in the world. Yas Island has the largest Formula one racing track in Abu Dhabi and many more islands have constructions under way.

    If you are a business man, investor, politician or anyone who is just looking for the perfect glamour and a place to visit, then Abu Dhabi has all what you need. There are countless places with lots of fun in the busy city. Travelling in this city is very easy and flexible with the highly structured road networks and transportation. Shopping in this modern class city is also amazing as there are lots of mega malls packed with everything that one could need.

    If you are thinking of visiting Abu Dhabi, then you should know that there are plenty of things that you will find to be fun and worthwhile in your stay. With excellent and luxurious hotels where prestige is a norm, one will surely find anything that they need from a super hotel. Intimacy is not limited in the city so anyone who needs to be in the company of the beautiful ladies that they like, will have plenty of escort services to choose from. Regardless of whether one is staying in an apartment or a hotel, the ladies will get them wherever they are.

    A night in Abu Dhabi is also another exciting experience where the whole city glows in the night. With the well developed and structured Islands, the beauties of the night make the whole environment look like the sky full of stars. The night clubs are very active and one will get to experience different places with parties and all kind of fun that one would desire in a modern city.

    With lots of prestigious and luxurious sandy beaches in the capital of the Arab Emirates, one is sure to get an experience of a lifetime. If there are those tours that you will not get enough of, one of them has to be a tour to Abu Dhabi.