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    Dublin is the capital of Ireland which becomes one of the most successful economies in Europe. With Dublin as its capital, Ireland first built its economy by rising to the challenge during the dot.com boom. The country attracted a vast array of business entrepreneurship in high-tech industries. As the country introduced a very low corporation tax (2.5%), the Ireland becomes a magnet for business people and venture capitalist. This led companies to experience significant growth, making Ireland one of the wealthiest counties in Europe.

    As the dot.com bubble was disturbed by a mild US recession, Ireland and its people moved to a more stable investment of property market and cheap lending. This success made Ireland known as the "Celtic Tiger", making Ireland a very important place to live and do business with. Moreover, the property boom attracted more people to settle as well as attracting tourists from all over the world. As the saying goes "what goes up must come down", and with the global recession looming in 2007, the country faced housing crises which led to the property market collapse.

    With "highs and lows" and economic turbulence, Dublin is still an attractive destination to mix business with pleasure. Along the backdrop of its stunning a rugged landscape, city workers can enjoy golf courses, coastlines, beaches, mountains, castles and other places to relax their minds for a long weekend break. Despite its unsavory reputation in the past years, Ireland still maintains its popularity in hosting some of the best public to dine, drink into the night with some classical Irish music.

    Ever heard of the Temple Bar? Well, it is the most popular bar in the city … Dublin has always been a place to worship business and fun. With so many pubs and bars and a few night clubs, the possibilities of having fun are endless. Alternatively, go out for a quiet night with friends for traditional Irish music, storytelling, or a night out dancing into the blues.

    Tiptoe into a traditional Irish pub and listen to the stories of the oldies of the devils Ireland. Monto in the city centre was the biggest and most notorious red light district in Europe. Celebrated in the famous story, its where King Edward VII was said to have gone for some high-end thrills. Then the church came along and threw all the working girls into the street. Well as it goes, this was a story and Dublin has changed due to its increased popularity to high class escorts, the stories are now sexy young escorts offering maids services to the wealthy. The wealthy residents and business travelers will always be around to "flash their cash" and splash their hormones into the sexy bodies of big breasted. Along the cobbled streets and single lane narrow alleyways are the entrances to Pandora’s Box of sexual delight under the disguise of French maid’s outfits.