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    A vibrant city with premier clubs, a famous red-light district

    Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands, and which was one of the most important ports in the world during the Dutch Golden Age. It was a leading center of trade for finance and diamonds, attracting millions including ambitious business people, fisherman and even pirates of the sea.

    Now a modern city with its 17th Century canals, Amsterdam is a huge attraction for tourists of all ages and from all walks of life. A bustling city which never sleeps, Amsterdam attracts tourists from all over the world. It is also a magnet for young people seeking an adventure with its famous coffee shops allowing smoke to fill the air giving the innocent tourists a mild unintended high.

    A city of tolerance and diversity, which has even legalized prostitution and coffee shops that sells cannabis to anyone over the legal age limit. However, behind this legal eagle and lenient country laws and hidden behind narrow alleyways are the seedy activities that most residents will not usually talk about. But there is no denial in what really goes on, and under the noses of ordinary people.

    It's not just about the legal coffee shops, the sex shots, erotic museum or even the glass fronted booths housing the young ladies in lingerie. We now hear of coffee shops with backrooms, where illicit activities of hard drugs and dealing and wheeling go on. The ladies in the glass fronted booths certainly are not locals.... and one would wonder how they came into Europe.

    In the narrow streets and alleyways, the red-light district hosts vibrant red windows with escorts from a range of nationalities, including ladies from Europe being paraded without shame to sex tourist sprawling the streets of the red-light district. Men’s with seedy history of affairs, sexual highs and indecent minds walk the streets from day to night looking to satisfy their erotic desires.

    Amsterdam has now become a magnet for lonely men in need of some intimate interaction with chic escorts. But behind the usual activities of the cities red-light district are drug dealers and pimps to hustle and bustle their business under the guise of legal brothels. What may be classed as seedy activities to the aristocrats of Amsterdam are now attracting a crowd of unwanted attention in a major tourist attraction