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    Welcome to the very beautiful city of Paris which is actually the capital city of France and also the most populated city in this country. Paris is actually located on the Seine River which is just North of France. Paris is renowned for it’s beautiful scenery and it does attract a lot of visitors worldwide from many countries across the globe and what is it more famous for as you may already know is the very stunning Eiffel Tower which was built back in 1889. The tower is actually 324 metres tall which is around 1,000 ft and it has been viewed by more than 250 million people worldwide.

    Paris was founded back in the 3rd century by a group of Celtic people named the Parisii and they actually created the name of this city. By the time the 12th century came Paris became the biggest city around in the western world and in just Paris alone it had a wealth of £612 billion pounds which equates to around 30 percent of the GDP of France. Paris actually ranks as one of the five most wealthiest regions in Europe.

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    Escort service Paris: hotels, from ritzy to square...

    Oh ... Paris. Since generations, this city has an almost magical attraction for everything that is romantic, luxurious and elegant. Thus, your escort fits perfectly into the picture! In order to find an appropriate home and resting place for your escort service in Paris, it is first important to find the ideal accommodation. To begin with, we would like to present the true classics of all luxury hotels: the Hotel Ritz in Paris! In terms of comfort, ambience and style, this traditional hotel is probably the classiest location to enjoy your escort service in Paris. Only a few shades less ritzy, and not far from the Eiffel Tower, you may reside with your escort lady from an escort agency in Paris at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée. A completely different, minimalist and above all very stylish alternative: our International Escorts agency team would like to recommend a special highlight for you and your Paris escort. At the design hotel Kube the name says it all! Apart from the façade, the dishes and the hanging bar chairs, everything in this elegant hotel has a square shape.

    Haute cuisine with your escort in Paris

    The birthplace of the Michelin star. The cradle of French haute cuisine. Home of the ancestors of all celebrity chefs: Paul Bocuse and Henri Pella Part! If you and your escort yearn for excellent food, you have as many options, as the Eiffel Tower has screws! A total of 97 restaurants with at least one Michelin star are waiting for you and your escort in Paris! To begin at the top, for example, the "Guy Savoy" is one of nine three-star restaurants in the city, where you can enhance your escort service in Paris with culinary delights. Caution: Just one look at the website will make you hungry! One of extraordinary 14 gourmet restaurants with two stars is the L‘Atelier of Joël Robuchon in the district of St. Germain. This jewel of haute cuisine is one of more than 15 restaurants worldwide managed by the star chef. You will have noticed that we could provide you with an endless list of gourmet tips for your date with your escort in Paris. However, to honour at least one of the 74 one-star restaurants, together with your escort lady in Pairs you should visit the truly stylish "la Dame de Pic".

    Oh lala! Dive into the nightlife with your escort in Paris...

    In terms of variety, it is just as bountiful as the selection of star restaurants. A visit to "Harry's New York Bar" is worthwhile, not only due to the more than one hundred years of existence of this institution, but also because you can delight your escort with excellent cocktails. Relaxed, cool and distinguished – Party the night away at the legendary Buddha-Bar, together with your companion from an escort agency in Paris. Here, the city’s young high society meets to start into the weekend. A weekend in Paris usually means very little sleep! After midnight, you and your escort in Paris may choose, for example, the "VIP Room"! The entrance is a heavy vault door, which allows you and your escort in Pairs into one of the most elite clubs in the city, where international A-celebrities dance the night away.

    For more detailed information about the city, view the definitive Wiki page here, with all the up-to-date details you'll ever need.