Rihanna Samuel

Naturally beautiful pornstar escort in Prague


Rihanna Samuel has very emotional, smart face with mesmerizing blue ocean-like eyes, that are highlighting her charisma. She will charm you with her eerie smile and lift Your soul with her heart. She is a genuine, natural sexy lady with a very lively personality that will make You feel very at ease. Rihanna is one of Prague’s most favourite and naturally beautiful porn stars who has won her fans’ hearts around the world with her energetic and passionate performances. Now she is available to escort gentlemen and ready to share her passion personally with you.

My Details

Late 20's
Hair color
Eye color
B cup, enhanced
165 cm (5'4")
52 kg (115 lbs)
Home town
Local only

DUO partner

My Rates

1 hour
2 hours
550 EUR
14300 CZK
610 USD
510 GBP
3 hours
650 EUR
16900 CZK
720 USD
600 GBP
4 hours
750 EUR
19500 CZK
830 USD
690 GBP
5 hours
850 EUR
22100 CZK
940 USD
780 GBP
6 hours
950 EUR
24700 CZK
1050 USD
870 GBP
12 hours
1500 EUR
39000 CZK
1650 USD
1380 GBP
24 hours
2000 EUR
52000 CZK
2200 USD
1840 GBP
48 hours
3000 EUR
78000 CZK
3300 USD
2760 GBP
Additional day
1000 EUR
26000 CZK
1100 USD
920 GBP
Rates for other hours by request.

Travel expenses will be calculated individually.

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    My Reviews

    Average: based on 13 reviews
    Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
    3 January 2024, 6 hours in Prague

    This woman really is an absolute force in appearance, I had a really wonderful time with her, you can really talk to her about God and the world. I was very nervous at first because I was looking forward to the meeting so much, but Rihanna managed to completely relax the whole situation immediately.
    Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
    26 June 2023, 6 hours in Praha

    Velmi příjemná slečna s perfektním přístupem a jsem rád za čas s ní stráveným. Snad ještě bude příležitost si to zopakovat. Je božská
    Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
    31 May 2022, 6 hours in Prague

    Meeting Rhianna was absolutely amazing! She met me at my hotel on time, and I had asked for her to dress casually so we could go out for cocktails first, and she arrives dressed in jeans with black boots and leather jacket, looking even more beautiful than her photos! Her eyes are incredible, and her "signature" grin was so sexy! We talked over a few cocktails and got to know more about each other before heading back to my hotel. The next few hours were mind blowing, and Rhianna made the experience better than I could have ever expected. I cant wait to visit her again... and I think next time Ill go for 12 hours!
    Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  9 out of 10
    23 October 2021, 1h in Prague

    I hesitated to post here but ultimately I hope to please Rihanna by doing so. The meeting went very well. Rihanna is extremely beautiful and hot. I had a lot of fun. We hit it off and if I had known I would have booked two hours to chat a little more time with her.
    Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  9 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
    10 June 2018, 6 hours in Prague

    After overcoming initial uneasiness on both sides, Rihanna turned out be great company for the evening. Thank you for the good time!
    Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
    18 April 2018, 1 hour in Prague

    I booked a duo with Rihana and Naomi, and all can say is - WOW! It was great. The girls look great on the website, but in real life they are absolute STUNNERS! The photos do them no justice at all (of course, the photos are 100% authentic). We started off with a nice little chat (both have surprisingly good English). They are sweet intelligent and really fun to talk with. As for after the chat... all I'll say is that it was a lot of fun (a lot...), and at no time did I feel hurried or uneasy. Just perfect. A real fun evening, and definitely an evening to remember! The agency was easy to work with, responsive and discreet as one would expect. Highly recommended. 
    Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
    6 March 2018, 2 hours in my hotel in Prague

    Such a long time I wanted to meet Miss Rihanna Samuel, my dream comes true. I was waiting for her at the door of my hotel. She passed in her car, our eyes crossed, I knew she was her, she knews it was me, we smiled, I already knew it s gonna be great . She parked and joined me, I was blown away by her beauty and her presence. If you look at her picture Rihanna seems to be "cold". It s not the case if you see her videos and when you meet for real also. I didn t expect she would be so beautiful, she is the kind of girl with whom you instantly feel good. She put you at ease, she is very polite and speaks good english so you can expect having great conversation with her, perfect social time. When she tooks off her clothes, I had the evidence that perfection exist. The sex was really good, she wants to satisfy you, amazing blowjob , sex in different positions, she s super sweet. after action , back for more talking and good time , really great to discover who she is. Overall a great experience, if i come back to Prague I will surely repeat, the lovely Rihanna Samuel put a spell on me. Meet her while you can.
    Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
    6 January 2018, 3 hours in Prague

    She is a nice girl.
    Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  8 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
    1 April 2017, 24 in Prague

    I have always been a fan of Rihanna and finally i had the chance to fulfill my dream. She reached me at my hotel in Old Town. She was dressed like the girl next door but her stunning beauty made the hotel main hall shine... oh what a look she has!

    She has recently increased her boobs and this makes her even sexier than when she was shooting porn. Communication was great as she speaks a perfect english. She is very polite and it's really easy to have an interesting conversation with her. Like someone already said, she is a bit shy and reserved, but once in bed she does everything she is supposed to do. She was just not as wild as in my dreams... but i had an overall good experience with her. So book her if you want to have an experience with a real pro :)

    Looks:  9 out of 10    Service:  8 out of 10    Communication:  9 out of 10
    21 October 2016, 6 hours in Prague

    Rihanna can be quite reserved initially, but if you invest the time you will find that she is really beautiful inside. As for the outside, that is obvious and better than her photos. She is great to spend time with and I will certainly do so again on my next visit to Prague. 
    Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  9 out of 10    Communication:  9 out of 10
    20 September 2016, 2 hours in Prague

    A seriously, stunningly beautiful woman. I had to rearrange the time of the appointment but she was at the hotel at the appointed hour and not miffed about it. She arrived dressed like any normal, pretty girl you would see in town and that was exactly the way it should be. She is friendly and makes the best conversation she can. Her English is good. Whenever we had an impasse we figured out how to overcome it. We chatted and shared a beer which was cool as most escorts will not do that. Once she and I were comfortable with each other she retired for a shower and came out dressed with a towel, drop dead good looks and a smile. As I had hoped it was not "porn star sex" but instead was the normal escalation from touching and light kissing to oral and beyond. Once finished we talked a while longer. She is not a clock watcher but after our time was up she changed and left. I slept like a Polar Bear in winter after that. I will see her again!
    Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
    23 July 2016, 6 hours in Prague

    Having a free weekend in Prague, I used the opportunity to meet a real-life porn star, recently retired and I am glad I did. To me it was more than a chance to have sex, but also a chance to connect a person from the industry.

    I met Rihanna Samuel outside the hotel entrance and she was so natural looking like a girl next door or someone walking down the street. She was wearing fawn coloured knee high boots, short blue denim-shorts, and a large and loose-hanging rose coloured Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt flashing black bra straps at the shoulders.

    Rihanna's was groomed immaculately. She had beautiful 3 cm long artificial nails coloured mainly in pink with one nail in silver glitter. Her eyebrows were long and black, and she had lovely red-ochre streaks in her trademark black hair which was tied back in a ponytail.

    We made our way back to my room and sat and chatted about mutual interests to break the ice. Rihanna then made the next move and went and had a shower and came back wrapped in a towel with clothes off.

    What followed was a delightful sexual encounter, starting off nice and slow and exploring each other's bodies. After some time, we moved on to more serious sex which was a great experience as we had rapport and maintained eye contact throughout. I could not believe how nice it was to have the intimate connection.

    I was delighted when Rihanna took the lead at various stages and did things with me that I had never experienced before due to my conservative past. Eventually the orgasms came and were sensational and left us both exhausted but very happy.

    I had a 6-hour booking which was a bonus as after sex we had some good time to get to know each other further. We sat down in the hotel cafe in a delightful garden setting to enjoy some drinks together as neither of us was hungry. What followed was natural conversation about life, hopes and aspirations, and also some talk about Rihanna's background in the porn industry which I found fascinating.

    The time was so good that neither of us noticed but we had been talking for over 3 hours. We had shared a lot and laughed a lot and the time together was very precious to me to cap off our physical encounter.

    Rihanna is a delightful young lady - with hot looks for sure, but also with an admirable attitude to life and personality plus. Our time was up and I saw Rihanna out to the street and we said our goodbyes with a kiss.

    What a lovely person is Rihanna. Without doubt I will be making sure I get to meet her again.

    Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
    31 March 2016, 6 hours in Karlovy Vary

    Absolutely gorgeous girl. Wonderfully natural and easy going. Our time together was something special, and that was due to her radiating personality. I sure will meet her again.

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