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    Madrid is the nerve centre of Spain suited to those who are either sun seekers or culture seekers. However, Madrid does lack beaches and coast lines, but does make up for this with some astonishing art galleries, attractive gardens and with streets lines up with busy bards creating a city atmosphere that is always vibrant at any time of day. If you like historical architecture with magnificent scenes Spanish culture and arts then a city break to Madrid may just be for you. Its many squares and parks invite the visitor to relax and unwind under the Spanish sunshine. You can take a stroll around the romantic neighbourhoods with your lover or elite escort and see many top class museums.

    If you are in the need of some stress relieving soothing comfort check out Madrid’s Arabian baths, Hamman Al Ándalus, and spend 1.5 hours relaxing body, soul and mind! This spectacular place is a Zen-like oasis with candle-lit walkways and boasts thermal; plunge pools and steam rooms. This is all finely decorated with Arabian splendour to help its users relax whilst sipping some refreshing mint tea before heading to the Aroma corner for a nourishing private massage that includes an exfoliating body screen to you give you the ultimate happy feeling. This luxurious Arabian bath is beautifully designed to create a perfect atmosphere to unwind in the companion of some beautiful women.

    As Madrid is a very centrally located popular European destination, you can be sure that it's the ideal place where international escorts will travel to, for both comfort and peach of mind. Many international girls from Romania speak fluent Spanish which will certainly help to get around if you are new to Spain. Next time you are planning a short city break or need a romantic destination for two, you will find that Madrid has a lot to offer.;

    Madrid is the capital city of Spain and is the largest city of the country. It is a worldwide known city for its artistic and cultural heritage which takes a unique stand. The city has a population of roughly 3.3 million people from mixed classes. One of the things that make Madrid and the whole of Spain so unique is that it is headed by a King. Most of the civilized countries are headed by political head of states but Spain chose to maintain its traditional heritage. Royal Palace is an attraction which brings lots of people into the city.

    Madrid is well known for art and a tour to the city will make it a perfect to get a chance to visit the galleries and museums to see some of the best historical paintings and pieces of art. A tour to Madrid is never complete without a visit to El Prado museum which houses lots of artistic and traditional paintings. Paintings and art has been a long trend in the city and has made many people rich. Selling of paintings through auctions is not something new in the city most of which go for hundreds of thousands and even millions. If you are into the business of arts and paintings or just love to see them, Madrid is your city.

    Despite the city or the country lacking beaches, all these are compensated through lots of art and events in the city. Whether you are planning a trip to Madrid to have fun with the different attractions or you are a VIP who wants to attend a business or political meeting, Madrid has lots of luxury and comfortable sights to offer while you are in spending some time in the city. Spending time visiting the lush gardens, attending unique events and the parks around will make it up for you in your stay in Madrid. Tapas bars are also available and you will find this ranging in different classes providing different treats that meet the desires of every guest.

    The narrow streets and the unique corners that make the city unique gives an exciting experience that is one of a kind not to forget the ancient architecture that brings historical memories of the ancient Madrid. The unique architectural structures and the breath-taking designs maintain the city’s quaint. It makes Madrid a unique city in the world’s map and a must visit for people who want to enjoy ultimate fun away from the beaches.

    For long, Spanish have been known to be music lovers which have spread through different parts of the world. The Spanish guitars is not something new to many people and one will get to spend their time in the archives exploring these kind of historical objects and unique pieces of arts. At night romance and love fill out the air and the ladies come out. If you ever wanted to be a part of the nightlife, then you should have no doubt as the limitless brim-full fun will make it up for you. If you ever needed some escort services in the city, then the beautiful ladies are just steps away to come bring the long lasting glamour that you ever desired.

    Madrid is home of football and has been well known to produce lots of professional footballers in the world and being there will give sports lovers a chance to experience their best moments watching some of the best teams like Real Madrid playing live. If you are also a football business man, then this is your opportunity to know where to throw your cards in your future investments.

    If you are wondering where you will take a rest and spend your time while staying in Madrid, then you should know the different luxurious hotels that make the city an amazing paradise. The hotels in Madrid are among the best in the world and offers lots of services depending on the class that one is. VIPs get a touch of glamour and limitless comfort where one gets anything that they ever needed. If you need Spa services or escort services it is all at the snip of your finger.

    Generally, a visit to Madrid will give one unforgettable memories of fun filled craze with lots of sights to visit and cultural heritage to explore. Madrid not only offers tourist experiences but also a touch of class.