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Having such an amazing body that matches the one of an angel is one of the things that the babe from the Czech Republic, Aneta Jordan, possesses. She is a tall blonde babe that matches those descriptions used in fairy tales only. Unlike most of the amazing looking girls today, Aneta prefers to keep her body completely natural, and honestly, there is nothing that she has to change about herself because she is perfect. With such an amazing body, you will be happy to know that she knows how to use it in all sorts of ways because her imagination has a very naughty size as she tends to be strongly sexually oriented.
Besides of her naughty character, Aneta is actually a very sophisticated babe that is perfect for any occasion that you can think of. She is a mild gentle girl who likes to keep everything according to plan, and she enjoys having everything in peaceful fashion, without any chaos. However, if there is a need to lighten up a gloomy mood, Aneta can unleash her childish soul that dwells inside of her and make everything amazing in a matter of seconds. She really likes to try out new and exotic things with a motto of all or nothing.

My Details

Hair color
Eye color
B cup, natural
177 cm (5'9")
56 kg (123 lbs)
Home town

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Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  8 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
7 September 2017, 4 hrs in Prague

Aneta is an incredibly beautiful woman. As beautiful as she appears in her pictures, they don't do her justice. In person, she is even more beautiful. She is smart, funny, easy to talk to, and conversant in English. With all that, she is somewhat shy on the sexual side and requires some patience and coaxing. If you have neither the patience or the time, you may want to consider someone else, but if you do have the time and patience, she will be worth it.
Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
14 August 2017, 3 hours in my hotel

I would like to give her 100 out of 100 full marks!! She is my No1!! I want to see her again, long for her...

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