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If you didn’t find your star yet, you’ve just found it. Her name is Lucie Theodorova, also known as Lucky or Amanda Heart, and she is famous X-rated films star. In 2008 she has got an award for the best scene in the movie Sex in Ibiza. Lucky did a lot of movies and titles, from Italian Playboy to Spanish Penthouse, and she is also an American Penthouse playmate, achieving several awards. As You can see, Lucie is not just a usual girl: she can be elegant and nobless on the outside, and very mysterious and tender on the inside. Lucie shall be your ultimate fragrance, that shall awaken your deepest wishes and desires.

My Details

Early 30's
Hair color
Eye color
C cup, natural
172 cm (5'7")
60 kg (132 lbs)
English, Spanish
Home town

My Reviews

Average: based on 4 reviews
Looks:  8 out of 10    Service:  8 out of 10    Communication:  8 out of 10
5 July 2016, 1 hour in Prague

Wonderful lady. Was a nice relaxed hour!
Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
13 October 2016, 3 hours in prague

What can I say about Lucie ? No words can really describe her as she is over all expectations. She is 1 of the nicest person I have ever met in my life. She is always smiling. Talking with her is so easy. She speaks a perfect english with the prettiest accent i have heard. Concerning our intimate time, when I first saw her in the bathroom before we take a shower together, I was like in a dream. She is so beautiful and natural. And after that everything was perfect with her even if I was scared to hurt because of my "fat". Lucie is really a perfect person to spend time with. The only thing i regret is that time flied too fast. And I must add a word for the agency which was very good. I have really appreciated their communications and attention. Thank you.
Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
21 July 2016, 3 hours in Prague

I could not believe my luck when I found out that Lucie, who is one of the most beautiful women I had seen on the screen, was escorting in Prague which I was about to visit.

I promptly filled out a contact form on ChicBabes which was acknowledged overnight, and before I knew it here I was greeting Lucie in the flesh in the foyer of my Prague hotel.

My first impression was one of pure class - wearing a delightful dark blue above the knee lightly brushed suede dress, understated but a classic, and with hair groomed and with the classic part on the left that is synonymous with Lucie's "brand". Lucy does not look a day older than mid-twenties and obviously maintains herself physically very well.

We immediately struck up conversation as we made the way to my room. I could feel that I was going to be in for a treat and I was not wrong. Lucy is a great conversationalist and obviously loves what she does for a living and also loves her city and those dear to her such as her family and friends, and is enjoying life to the fullest.

Where can I go from here? I expected good sex but it exceeded beyond what I could have hoped for. Let’s just say that Lucy taught me things that I had never previously experienced. My sexual background is fairly conservative from the era in which I grew up. Lucy had the sensitivity and nous to manage our encounter in a way that was so natural and eked goodness all round.

I could go on forever, but the highlight other than the sex was the bonus of Lucie “the person”. This vibrant, cheeky yet classy, and enthusiastic lady is worth meeting just for herself. I am so glad I was fortunate enough to do this and cannot wait to meet Lucie again.

Looks:  10 out of 10    Service:  10 out of 10    Communication:  10 out of 10
24 April 2015, 12 hours in Prague

I feel odd giving a fellow human being a review.  When Lucie showed up she was as cute as she could be, and I'm sure I couldn't stop smiling.  We are close in age, so that gave us some things in common to talk about.  Lucie is a very nice "down to earth" person who is very easy to talk to(and speaks english very well).  I do not agree with people who look down upon those who are in erotic film, it is a job like any other, treat her with the respect she deserves and have a good time.  The service part was relaxed and playful, I wish I would have had the energy so I could have done more on my end for her enjoyment.  Lucie - Stay cool, stay happy, and stay naturally beautiful.

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